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True petrification (or petrifaction) is when the fossil's original substance is gently and completely replaced with another mineral.The result can be lifelike or if the replacement is agate or opal, spectacular.But even they need exceptional circumstances to be preserved.Usually, they must be quickly buried in clay or other fine sediment.Some fossils are preserved as films of carbon under the heat and pressure of deep burial. Many fossils, especially seashells in young rocks, undergo some recrystallization in groundwater.In others their substance is dissolved, leaving open space (a mold) that is refilled with minerals from their surroundings or from underground fluids (forming a cast).If fossils are things dug up, then they must begin as whatever can be buried.

Most people, when they think of fossils, picture skeletons of animals or leaves and wood from plants, all turned to stone. Fossils can include ancient remains, the actual bodies of ancient life.They may also disappear as their host rock recrystallizes during the gentler conditions of diagenesis.And the fracturing and folding that affects many sedimentary rocks can wipe out a large share of the fossils they may contain.Fossils are exposed by the erosion of the rocks that hold them.But during the thousands of years, it may take to unveil a fossil skeleton from one end to the other, the first part to emerge crumbles into sand.Hominids are included in the superfamily of all apes, the Hominoidea, the members of which are called hominoids.