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Making changes to your MX records will still allow you to host your website with us, but you email at a third party server such as Google.MX (Mail Exchanger) records are a type of DNS record that determine which mail server is responsible for handling your email.If you missed our previous article, please see the How to log into Webmail tutorial.For more information on this course please visit Using Email. It says that I should move the existing MX record to 100 to avoid mail bouncing when I am propagating MX records. Doing what cpanel says (leave at lowest) does work. You do want to set the local mail server MX record to 100...If you want to check your current MX records for reveiw or troubleshooting, you may view them via our tool. You can also view your records using the DIG command in SSH.This tool displays your MX records and how they point in a graphical view. For example, the command would look like: dig Setting your MX records to work with your In Motion hosting server is very simple.

After you verify that you own your domain, you can start using your Google service such as G Suite or Cloud Identity.

You might want to put some other dns entries in there too? Check that the mx records are pointing to rackspace and you should be good to go. If your Name Servers point to Godaddy and your A records point to Rackspace and you purchased the email hosting on godaddy (which it sounds like you did to set up forwarders) then you most likely have the MX records set to something like smtp.(godaddy's mail servers), which just sounds like a complete mess.

Now most people will typically point the NS to Rackspace, then they will manage the DNS on rackspace and have the email hosted on rackspace and then use fowarders in that email system to whatever address you want.

You are free to use a different mail server but still host your website with In Motion Hosting.

This can be accomplished through changing your MX records.