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Understanding peacebuilding consolidating the peace process Sex womns video mobile no mony

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The lack of coherence among field activities in the humanitarian relief, development, political and security spheres have been well documented in a number of evaluation reports and studies, For example, the Joint Utstein Study of peacebuilding, that analysed 336 peacebuilding projects implemented by Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Norway in the 1990s, has identified a lack of coherence at the strategic level, what it terms a ‘strategic deficit’, as the most significant obstacle to sustainable peacebuilding (Smith 20).The Utstein study found that more than 55% of the programmes it evaluated did not show any link to a larger country strategy.In this paper ‘coherence’ is understood as the effort to direct the wide range of activities undertaken in the political, development, human rights, humanitarian, rule of law and security dimensions of a peacebuilding system towards common strategic objectives..

There is, however, a considerable gap between the degree to which the benefits of coherence are held to be of self-evident and operational reality.It is possible, however, to distinguish between systems where there is less, or more, coherence, and coherence is thus about degree during a process, not about an end-state.Coherence also needs to be understood in the context of the natural tensions, and therefore trade-offs, between the four elements of coherence.In the real world, peacebuilding agents, more often than not, have to settle for ‘second best’ or ‘partially coherent’ solutions in order to establish a workable foundation for cooperation.A number of potentially negative effects of pursuing coherence has been identified.The peacebuilding intervention ends when the host society has developed the capacity to manage and sustain its own peace process without external support.