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The 58 nozzles in the intake tract are always open, dumping about 5 gallons of fuel in a 4-second run.That kind of flow requires a firehose-like fuel line.Some of the clutch plates begin welding together, pulling the engine to its lowest rpm, 6500.566.16 ft — 271.62 mph Thanks to 5000 pounds of aero downforce, the tires have incredible traction, but wind resistance slows acceleration from the maximum 5 g's to about 4.783.62 ft — 293.41 mph Late in the run, many spark plugs have burned away, so the engine is dieseling, and some cylinders simply don't fire."This is the engine's toughest zone," Oberhofer says.1000 ft — 321.58 mph The mechanical abuse finally ends as the dragster clears nearly 500 feet per second.The special blend of tread rubber is designed to adhere to the adhesive that's applied to the track. A top-fueler's exact horsepower is a mystery—there isn't a dynamometer that can handle one.Current estimates are in the 8000 neighborhood, and, no, we didn't mistakenly add a zero on the end.A hydraulically motivated throw-out bearing operates off a simple timer (computer controls are illegal). If it engages too quickly, the tires will spin, but if it's too lazy, the car won't accelerate as fast as possible.

So the engine is rebuilt after every run by a team of eight mechanics.Here's a breakdown.10.27 ft — 73.89 mph The motor screams at its 8300 rpm redline, and the tires buckle under the load of getting the 2300-pound dragster moving.51.94 ft — 113.82 mph To reduce power and the acceleration of the driveshaft and tires, the ignition advance is retarded from 56 degrees to 27—a strategy to keep the tires gripping the track surface instead of spinning.125.09 — 162.45 mph The ignition timing is advanced back to the maxi­mum value.The clutch's throw-out bearing has moved through three of its five stages, increasing the pressure on the discs.231.91 ft — 213.09 mph The fuel flow ramps to 95 gallons per minute.They perform this harried rebuild in just 40 minutes.On March 13, 2010, in Gainesville, Fla., Kalitta driver David Grubnic set a top speed record on the 1000-foot track.I doubt it had to do with interior features and far more to do with whatever its intended use was going to be once delivered.