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In order to fix this issue, some users are suggesting to start Thunderbird from Safe Mode.To do that follow these steps: Sometimes issues with Thunderbird can be caused by third-party add-ons that you have installed.Mozilla has decided to speed up the release cycle of Thunderbird and Firefox.This is all good except that it often breaks Add-ons.If disabling your antivirus doesn’t solve the issue, you might have to uninstall your antivirus completely and switch to a different one.We already wrote about the best antivirus software for Windows 10, so if you’re looking for a new security software, make sure you check it out.

According to users, Thunderbird hangs on their Windows 10 PC while trying to perform a certain action, and this can be caused by any third-party application.Bear in mind that CCleaner can sometimes remove important files from your PC, so use it carefully.We also recommend you to download this tool (100% safe and tested by us) to fix various PC problems, such as missing or corrupted files, malware and hardware failure.To do that, follow these steps: As we previously mentioned, issues with Thunderbird can be caused by your antivirus software, most commonly Avira, Avast and Norton.If you’re using any of these tools, we suggest that you try disabling them to see if that solves the issue.Speaking of desktop email clients, one of the most popular email clients for Windows 10 is Thunderbird, but according to users, Thunderbird has its share of issues on Windows 10, and today we’re going to address some of these issues.