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This is where Dan is like mapping out his whole grand vision— and they create two characters. (reading) “I’m Susanna the ghost, have you been to Bunni Island before? Because Flash was simple, it was cheap, and it let you start from a picture.

One is this like gold digger who represents all things materialism, and then he makes the other love interest, she’s the soul mate. PHIA: So, this like unholy marriage between these two guys managed to produce this incredibly bizarre game that just like perfectly captivated Kris’s 12-year-old mind. Like if you knew how to draw, you could make an animation, and then with Flash you could take that animation and turn it into a game.

We used to play inside the house like hide and seek and stuff like that. Dan: Like the– the words are not quite connecting they way words should in a sentence. [fade]PJ: So the whole time you were talking about Bunni, I was thinking about how like…

So the thing was that Dan didn’t know how to make video games.

And eventually they get to the main characters of the game. PJ: And Flash was the language that made all this possible.

When they released the game, it was actually an incredible hit. And so and so, Tom got excited about a world where it was almost like the dumb cartoons he would’ve drawn in the back of the classroom to crack his friends up, he could put those online and let people play them.

But Dan said the reason why Kris and so many other people can’t find that game today is because of what happened next. TOM: I guess 1996 was when I was a senior in high school.

It was– it was– just a weird feeling that I remember just not knowing what to do with.

TOM: It was interesting made you think about, like, if I’d– like i was already through high school when that happened but it made me think like would I be, would I have gotten suspended from high school for drawing violent stuff and liking KMFDM and whatever?