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Other studies that have looked at exercise have also reported this U-shaped curve showing that too much exercise had the same risk of early mortality as too little exercise.

Regular exercise protects against the development of CVD and also favorably modifies other CVD risk factors including high blood pressure, blood lipid levels, insulin resistance, and obesity. Aim for 2L of water per day, and an additional 500ml/hour of exercise. Preventative measures: fish oil, theracurcmin, flavonoid-rich extracts, probiotic and others depending on the type of exercise and your specific lifestyle. Quite a lot actually and there is significant value with regular exercise, but excessive exercise may be quite harmful as this study suggest. First, higher intensity and dosages of exercise is associated with many health benefits including improved cardiovascular and respiratory function, reduced body fat percentage and in particular reduced abdominal adiposity (belly fat), improved blood sugar control, and better cholesterol levels. The optimal pace was slow (49% reduction in risk) or average (62% reduction in risk).