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Six years later, he has found the perfect balance and stands as a crucial two-way player uniquely suited to closing the talent gap with Golden State.

He still cares most about rebounding and defense, especially harassing guards on switches.

Scott asked each player to read his card, absorb it and come back with suggestions.

"Tristan was the only guy who just said, 'That's all good, Coach,'" Scott said.

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Thompson even likes the idea that his place at the bottom of Cleveland's scoring hierarchy makes every one of his contributions hurt more."People say I'm demoralizing, huh?

"Now it's Gucci, and back in college it was H&M or maybe Zara." (Some on the team jokingly worry that Thompson's pants are too tight and might split open at an inopportune time.)Thompson has found full self-actualization as a player.

He maximized his core skills and applied at least a little polish to his rough spots.

"He just would not let them score," said Pete Babcock, then a Cavs scout.

Thompson knew Williams and Kanter were projected ahead of him and wanted to show, in his own way, that he was better."They had no chance," Thompson said last week in Boston.