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She recorded her introduction and was inundated with guys wanting to speak to her.

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Another common method is doing the name drop through an open window. Yes, it is very daring but if you’re interested, you’re interested. How better to get someone’s attention than directly on their phone. If and when interested you make a blatant gesture on your phone (i.e.checking, typing).

Basically, you keep your Bluetooth on and give yourself a cute (sexy) id name. The interested party will then perform a Bluetooth search and locate you. Comfort in numbers, is the motto of this pick-up trick.

Girls, if you’re looking to meet a guy it is very rare that a solo guy will grab your attention, it applies to men as well.

If you’re a man and think that a girl will talk to you alone you’re most likely wrong.

That being said, discretion is of the most importance when diving into the dating game here.

A video produced by Chinese state media about a heated border standoff with India has been branded 'racist' by internet users online.

I don’t encourage this because it can get messy when drinks are involved but to each their own. I know meeting people online is a bit closeted and even embarrassing at times but in such a closed society it in fact is very pleasurable.She's the bubbly socialite who announced her engagement to comedian Brett Hunter in June.But just three months later, Brynne Edelsten, 34, has called off the nuptials and started a lesbian relationship with 25-year-old blonde beauty Coby Boatman.Brynne wore a form fitting and revealing black mini skirt that finished at the thigh and a pair of black peep toe heels.She matched this with a bright yellow top and a black leather jacket while she carried a large black leather handbag.The host opens with: 'China realised it's impossible to awaken a guy who is asleep' before it then cuts to an actor.