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Look, bottom line is, we're all human beings, and so there's always funny things to joke about.

Do you think that comedy and humor can play a role in deepening people's faith?

Men are afraid of being soft, or kind, or gentle, or loving. They’re together longer than any straight people that I know. “Because my husband wouldn’t grow up and take on responsibilities. I’m not some celebrity thinking I’m greater than anybody else. I get paid for it.”Let’s talk a bit about your early life. In kindergarten I was in a little play and I had this line, ‘I am Patrick Potato and this is my cousin, Mrs. “Lily Tomlin saw me in Terrence Mc Nally’s play [on ABC-TV]. If you stumble a little bit, or you’re not as fast, that’s life.

I go to parties celebrating their being together 25, 50 years. It’s wonderful when they say to me ‘Thank you for the humor you’ve brought us all these years.’ I am a lucky son of a gun. The worst part of getting old is (finding) acceptance of it.

Was there ever a time where you wanted to bring your faith more explicitly onto the show?

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People tend to be easily offended when it comes to religious humor. I think there's a difference when you make fun of yourself and your own behavior, and when you dishonor or disrespect Christ. But if you're just joking about human foibles and weaknesses, I think that's perfectly acceptable.

And if you're Christian and you go to church, there's a lot of stuff you see that drives you crazy, that you can make fun of, and everybody who's a Christian knows that.

Garrison Keillor, in his "Prairie Home Companion" shows, is always making jokes about Methodists, and it's very funny, and it's very warm, and it's loving, and it's true.

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