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According to this theory the more recent chapels would be nearest the route while earlier ones would be farther back.

[Photos of the Egypt mummy] Burial of a god In fact, the earliest kings of Egypt, those who ruled nearly 5,000 years ago, chose to be buried at Abydos.

The procession ended with the image of Osiris returning to the temple to great fanfare.

"There's a really neat reference on some of the Middle Kingdom (4,000 to 3,600 years ago) material to hearing the sound of jubilation," Pouls Wegner told Live Science in an interview.

But as the legs had never been scientifically investigated, it was decided to undertake the recent study to find out if the legs could actually represent all that remained of one of Egypt's most legendary queens.

The study, published in the journal Plos One, revealed that the legs are those of an adult woman of about 40 years of age.