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It was a year later when OKCupid founder Christian Rudder published , a book which collects illustrated data visualizations with stats from OKC user profiles.

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The Red Virginia was tangy sweet with dark fruit notes.

The bright Virginia was citrusy, slightly grassy and mild in a supporting role. Peter Heinrichs Dark Strong is a good substitute, but I thought it not quite as complex as the Orlik, though it looks exactly the same.

Original review: It came in a medium wide strips that were very easy to rub out or fold and stuff depending on your preference.

I tried it both ways and noticed no flavor difference.

There is a hint of dark fruit and tanginess that may come from it, but if it is present, it's certainly well hidden. There's much more citrusy bright Virginia in here, probably to replace the red Virginia content.

The amount of Kentucky is just slightly less than before, though it has the same flavors I attributed to it in my earlier review.

No doubt this is the same flake as Heinrich's with a different topping. Pipe Used: MM General, MM Country Gentleman, MM Mark Twain Age When Smoked: fresh Purchased From: Just finished a 3.5 oz tin from 2002, so consideration must be given to its age when reading this review.

I prefer the Orlik's DSK over Heinrich's hands down and rate it at 4 stars.

Pipe Used: Peterson Tankard Age When Smoked: Fresh from tin Purchased From: Similar Blends: Peter Heinrich's Dark Strong Flake...similar, but not identical.

Heinrich's smokes a bit hotter with the licorice taste getting bitter toward the last third of the bowl and tastes a little artificial.

It also has a tendency to leave the room note a bit cigarette like. Orlik's DSK smokes sweeter from the get go, smokes less hot (although it can nip at the tongue if puffed too vigorously), and leaves a more pleasant room note - not cigarette like at all.