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The possibility of repeated readout of IRPL from individual traps will open opportunities for dating at sub-micron spatial resolution, thus, marking a step change in the optical dating technology..The last four decades of research in OSL dating have seen several exciting innovations in the measurement and use of OSL and IRSL signals for increased precision, accuracy and age range, as well as new, challenging applications in thermochronology.Aitken has set out to offer an understanding of the basic principles and procedures in optical dating, as well as its scope and limitations.He has succeeded in doing so for those who may have only a minimal background in physics.In our laboratory, these sediments are exposed to an external stimulus (blue-green light) and the trapped electrons are released.The released electrons emit a photon of light upon recombination at a similar site.

Low temperature (7–295 K) spectroscopic and time-resolved investigations suggest that IRPL is generated from excited-to-ground state relaxation within the principal (dosimetry) trap.Optical dating is a rapidly developing technique, used primarily in the dating of sediments deposited in the last 500,000 or more years, and increasing numbers of Quaternary geologists, physical geographers, archaeologists, and anthropologists are now relying on the results.Written by one of the foremost experts on optical dating, this book aims to bring together in a coherent whole the various strands of research that are ongoing in the area.Optical dating is based on an anti-Stokes photon emission generated by electron-hole recombination within quartz or feldspar; it relies, by default, on destructive read-out of the stored chronometric information.We present here a fundamentally new method of optical read-out of the trapped electron population in feldspar.OSL is an acronym for Optically-Stimulated Luminescence.