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21 a request from government prosecutors that Harold T.Martin is a former naval officer who worked for seven government contractors, the last of which, Booz Allen Hamilton, fired him following his arrest. Government lawyers feared that the highly classified information he allegedly collected - and knows - might leak and pose a risk to national security if he were freed. This makes the defendant a prime target, and his release would seriously endanger the safety of the country and potentially even the defendant himself." But Martin's public defenders, James Wyda and Deborah L. Martin III be detained until his trial because he poses a flight risk. In arguing for Martin's continued detention, prosecutors in their motion said that "every foreign counterintelligence professional and nongovernmental actor" would know that Martin has access to highly classified information and that "he has demonstrated absolutely no interest in protecting it.The Windows hacking tools may have been used to target the SWIFT financial security system, specifically an anti-money laundering financial institution called East Nets. government has long been able to access financial data through SWIFT as part of an anti-terrorism effort.The leaked documents contain notes about passwords, configuration data and networks. However, according to security researcher Nicholas Weaver of the International Computer Science Institute, the methods in the documents show the NSA was going beyond its "official access." "Whenever the NSA is caught going in the backdoor when they already had front-door access (such as the backdoor monitoring of Google and Yahoo's internal communication revealed in the Snowden documents), it not only closes the backdoor but also results in legal pushback that may limit the front-door access," Weaver told CNNTech in an email.

An email to the NSA's press office was not returned."We've investigated and confirmed that the exploits disclosed by the Shadow Brokers have already been addressed by previous updates to our supported products," a Microsoft spokesperson told CNNTech."Customers with up-to-date software are already protected." Microsoft told CNNTech no one from the government had contacted it about the exploits listed in the dump.Windows users should make sure their software is up to date and upgrade to Windows 7 or a newer version."This is quite possibly the most damaging thing I've seen in the last several years," said Matthew Hickey, founder of security firm Hacker House.The group later set up an auction for other related data.