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She takes off her tops to show her enormous breasts to him.
But each time there is a postback the custom controls are reinitialized. Animation Extender Control & User Controls GDay All, I'm using VS 2008 and have a little problem with the Ajax Animation Extender and that is; When incorporated within a normal web form the "parallel move" statement moves the animation to the desired position on the form.

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Dave had me open my mouth as he re-gagged me with the panties and secured it with duct tape wrapped around my head.

He cut the rope that bound my ankles then lead me over to the dresser chair he placed in the middle of the floor.

Now, all I needed was a damsel before the adventure could begin, ya gotta have a damsel in distress for a self-bondage session. Thinking about being bound and the possibility being caught began to get me excited. Finally, I walked over to the dresser mirror and adjusted the plaid cross tie.

I went down the hall to my older sister Saras room. Quickly, I began to collect the outfit for my damsel, 3 pairs of panties, bra, tights, white half-slip, blue-plaid pleated skirt, white peter pan blouse, plaid cross tie and black maryjanes for the classic schoolgirl in bondage scenario. A glance at the clock reminded me that my parents would be home in about 2 hours. Stepping back I admired the pretty young schoolgirl I saw before me. Next I took my wrist coils and 2 cable zip-ties and rolled onto my stomach.

She said we can use it to get some more brews for the party tonight. It was Saras friends Dave and Ronnie, two drunken college football players coming down the hall. Dave stood in front of me for a second then picked up the scissors and cut the duct tape from my mouth and pulled it from around my head. Dave quickly interjected, Sara told me hes a little freak, he probably did this himself. Would you like to try and convince us not to take pictures?

With my wrists and ankles still bound I shamefully said yes.

With a loud smack Ronnie hit my bottom with his belt. Dave was standing behind me with his jeans down around his ankles and a full erection. I struggled with renewed vigor as I realized what was about to happen.

Then I wrapped duct tape over my mouth and around my head 5 times to secure my gag. The springs of the bed creaked as adjusted my position to the bondage.

The bondage I had applied was a little stricter that I had expected.

I renewed my struggles with even more vigor, as I did Dave and Ronnie laughed.

Then I saw myself in the mirror, my buttocks sticking-up in the air, tight clad legs spread, and my neck with cross tie lashed nearly to the seat of the chair.