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Before everyone got a shot of Sean Combs lounging on the Met Gala red carpet, gazing adoringly at his date Cassie as she posed for the flashbulbs, the hip-hop power couple took some time to chill.

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Bob the Muslim: no Baz: Bob the Muslim: u know what Baz: w HAT? Bob the Muslim: in islam it is forbidden to kill a person like this Bob the Muslim: self justice Baz: lol Bob the Muslim: its the problem that many muslims dont take it serious Baz: In the Quran, it specifically says to kill an infidel like that, cutting the finger tips off etc Bob the Muslim: they dont pray they dont do nothing good but they have violence and agression in mind Bob the Muslim: its much more complicated Bob the Muslim: the islamic laws are very difficult man Bob the Muslim: believe me Bob the Muslim: they can only be used in a full islamic nation Baz: Not really, your holy book has a lot of horrific things in it, just like that.

I am actually mates with the guy but dam, he comes out with some shit...Bob the Muslim: u know what man be calm u know that these things are not in my mind and i know that these things are not like its written Bob the Muslim: if u read the whole sura u know what the messag Bob the Muslim: and i became muslim by my own nobody brainwashed me man Bob the Muslim: i read the quran and there was no muslim around me Baz: I am calm, the way you just disregard your moral compass is amazing though Bob the Muslim: the Muslim: teamspeak ip Baz: I can't atm.Bob the Muslim: okay then later maybe Bob the Muslim: u know what ? Bob the Muslim: to kill a person muslim or not is forbidden in islam Bob the Muslim: okay Baz: Right, that is why the Quran says to kill no believers Bob the Muslim: to have sex with a woman msulim or not without marriage and without acceptance of this woman is forbidden in islam Baz: It's so contradictory...it's like it's made up or seomthing...Baz: *something Bob the Muslim: u know that what time it was right?Bob the Muslim: it was the time during the holy wars in christianity Bob the Muslim: and the muslims were slaughtered and raped and .......Bob the Muslim: holiday with her family Bob the Muslim: she visits the family there Bob the Muslim: hasnt been for many years Baz: Ah ok Bob the Muslim: but i gotta work Bob the Muslim: our kindergarden is open so...