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He discovered messages on my phone and so I sat him down and poured the whole sorry tale out to him, feeling I was stamping on his heart with every word. I spent a lonely Christmas at my mother's house with nothing to do but wonder how I had got myself into this situation. I started therapy, and learned just how dysfunctional my life had been, and so little wonder I kept making new problems for myself.

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After finishing school, I moved out and did media studies in University. She mustn't have known that I owned this company because the last time we spoke was when I was 19. I quickly grabbed my phone and dialled my house number that was still in my head for some reason.

Since moving out, I had never talked to my mom as we despised each other that much. Now last month when I saw the list of woman who applied to be on my show, one name stood out. This person had the same name and age as my mom and I was shocked and curious to see if this was my actual mom. As it rang, I had a moment where I thought of letting this whole thing go through to see what happens.

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It has been growing out for a while now and I am super proud of what I have achieved.

And as I slapped her with it, her mouth opened and I knew she wanted it in her mouth badly.

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