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"Many of them said their wife was so involved in childrearing that she wasn't interested in having sex." Because there is no touching involved in online chat conversations, married people often rationalize their behavior as harmless fun, Mileham said.

Eighty-three percent of the study's participants said they did not consider themselves to be cheating, and the remaining 17 percent deemed it a "weak" form of infidelity that was easily justifiable, she said.

An online liaison may even take place in the same room with one's spouse."In the words of one 41-year-old man in the study, "All I have to do is turn on my computer, and I have thousands of women to choose from.

(It) can't get any easier than that." Counseling organizations report chat rooms are the fastest-rising cause of relationship breakdowns, and the problem only stands to get worse as today's population of Internet users continues to grow, Mileham said."The Internet will soon become the most common form of infidelity, if it isn't already," she said.

And if you ask her about her marriage, she feels its ok and everything is fine. and playful and I still look at her breasts and *** when she's near me. Someone who knows when I need some attention, when I need to offload & talk about my day. I mean absolutely none left but managed to rekindle the fire with them? Has anyone done that successfully with their spouse? We have fallen into a rut and the excitement of the early days have faded and the connection we shared seems to have disappeared. We hade fun togheter and we did everything together. Her sister didn't invited us to her wedding, and her family took the sister side. than 2 months since I posted my first story...thanks to the people who responded. We have grown into very different people in our life together, and so far apart. We got married 1.5 years ago and the second we got back from our honeymoon all affection and intimacy stopped like a light switch. I feel selfish for wanting to cuddle wanting to be kissed I just want to feel loved again I'm so lonely like most of the time I'm alone for my bad English. Member of “ILIASM” comprise all ages, walks of life, economic classes, and nationalities... Over the past 15 years of marriage, but particularly the last 10, I've felt... I hate not having someone to sit up with, chat to, laugh with & be intimate with. for more, as this life I've become entrapped in feels cold and desolate, so very lonely to me. Last weekend I cooked a special dinner...candles...trying to rekindle what we once had. I told him I had prepared a special dinner for him. when your husband lives with chronic illness makes everything twice is hard, sleeping all the time in pain all the time. Then this morning he offered to take me to the park where I typically... She is very caring and friendly with everyone and tends to thier needs. This morning I made two attempts at a quickie while the kids were adequately occupied. I do not know why she is always upset and anxious when she is at home. ....we dont know something, isnt it better so we crave it less. that something wasn't quite right, your intuition tingling, trying to tell you something that you couldn't quite hear. my husband has never been my friend or have ever tried.. honest with myself and allow you to blame me for the failure of our marriage.... She gets mad and say I'm cheating don't this and that when I don't want to have sex. All them years days and time she rejected my played my face.