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And the whole prep of the movie where the costume designers are calling you up to set up looks for the character, you know, I just imagined someone like Ovechkin, you know, really, like, him in a party with a bunch of bling and Ed Hardy.I Google image searched a lot of Alexander Ovechkin party pictures a couple years ago while trying to find the look, and the costume designer had a lot of fun going around shopping for the clothes, especially in Winnipeg where we were shooting.

(laughs) And you also have to look like an excellent hockey player for parts of the movie. Because the character still seems like a lot of fun to play. You know, it’s different because I always play the nice guys, so it’s good to play the asshole sometimes.MAG: Well, the minute you accept the job, you are accepting to be in front of 40 or 50 people, and having someone tell you that you aren’t doing your job well. Most of the time I’m not going to direct myself, and I need a director to help me navigate the story. It’s just insane knowing that, considering how the movie turned out. Jean-Marc wanted to shoot in Jerusalem but there was no insurance company that wanted to cover the shoot so they opted for Morocco. We had the wrap party and then eight of us went for two weeks to Morocco. I’m not necessarily looking for a friend, but for someone that I’m going to respect, that I’m going to be comfortable talking to, be honest with. And then there was one producer left and he was doing television and he wanted to do features and he met with Jean-Marc and he said “I’ll do it”. He seems about as far away from the flashy and occasionally loathsome burnt out hockey hotshot Xavier Laflamme.During the Toronto International Film Festival on the day the film was due to premiere, Grondin sits in a hotel suite relaxing between press interviews by playing games on his i Phone and excitedly and happily whiling away the hours before the film is due to make its worldwide premiere.Where the real Grondin is a team player, having had standout roles in Jean-Marc Vallee’s , Laflamme probably would have been doing massive amounts of cocaine in the washroom or, as one character says, “giving a single mother herpes in a parking lot somewhere.” Grondin throws himself into the amusing, but tragic role of Laflamme, a former professional hockey prodigy that’s lost his game following a devastating hit from Ross “The Boss” Rhea (Liev Schreiber) who now finds himself demoted to playing for a minor league club in Halifax and working along side his new “team bodyguard,” a sweet and kind enforcer named Doug Glatt (Seann William Scott) who has more love for his fellow players in his pinky than Laflamme might have in his entire Ed Hardy clothed body.