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You can't talk Jewish food in the Chicago area and not have Max & Benny's on the list.If you don't see a Jewish friend here, you'll probably run into part of your family.We asked all of our new mommy and daddy friends what all new Jewish parents should know.And while they can’t prevent diaper blowouts, spit up stains, or sleepless nights, their advice might just make your crazy journey into parenthood a little bit easier.I decided to get very serious about it and ask my friends and family, "Where are we and what do we do? I even talked to my neighbors, and I make it a rule to never talk to my neighbors.

Here they are then, in no particular order, the 18 restaurants you're most likely to run into a Jew that you know. Please have the Hoppel Poppel, please have the matzah ball soup, please eat all of your free pickles.Why is dating someone who’s Jewish important to you?Know the answer before you pursue your next relationship. Start your relationship off well by avoiding mixed signals and vague conversations. It’s best to talk about dreams for the future before you’re caught in a relationship that doesn’t accommodate your goals, lifestyle, or family plans.Look for someone who exemplifies the values and characteristics you want in a future mate.Also check yourself: Do you exhibit humility, kindness and responsibility in your life? From the very beginning of your relationship, be honest about who you are, why you’re dating, and what you’re looking for.Stan's Donuts makes donuts sexy, and I've never been more excited to stand in line for 15 minutes to get a donut.