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A Canadian Jewish Congress member’s Kitchener, Ont., home was firebombed twice, and the Morgentaler abortion clinic blown up.The Heritage Front’s telephone number was spray-painted on the opposing wall, along with the caption, “Peace, Love and White Power! Three South Asian men were beaten within a short period of time, two of them to death.For two years, I had absorbed hate like a sponge and used it to numb the pain that was bubbling up inside of me. It would be dangerous to leave – I was 18 now and knew too much for them to let me go easily.And besides, I wanted to do more than just drop out – I wanted to make a difference. With the help of anti-racist individuals who had been targeted by the Heritage Front for harassment, I began to spy on the Front.I had no hope, no prospects and was filled with rage.That’s when I met Wolfgang Droege, an ex-Klansman and leader of a new nationalist organization calling itself the Heritage Front.I was born in Romania and came to Canada at age 11, two years before the fall of Nicolae Ceausescu’s dictatorship.

When the group began to target women and sexual minorities for harassment and asked me to participate, I knew I’d had enough.

And then I came across Your Ward News, the racist, anti-Semitic periodical from Toronto’s Beaches neighbourhood published by James Sears, and realized in shock that Gary Schipper, one of the men I’d helped send to prison 20 years ago, was now one of its contributing writers.

I was seized with the realization that nothing had changed.

Before I met Ernst, I had no animosity toward Jews.

But the twisted “facts” that he presented day after day quickly desensitized me to the horrors of the Holocaust. The Heritage Front’s rapid growth was unparalleled in the history of Canada’s far right – within a year, we were filling meeting halls with hundreds of angry skinheads, many of whom were told to infiltrate the Reform party so that “someday we can take over.” Both Zundel and Droege mentored me to become a youth recruiter, a writer for their Up Front magazine and a key speaker at rallies.