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Personal Tax Credit - The Connecticut adjusted gross income (AGI) beginning threshold for calculating the personal tax credit for single filers has increased to ,000 for taxable year 2013.
The cover charge depends on when you go and can be as little a to as much as during special events.

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A pattern of one-year stays would be a problem, and aiming for a year is not the right goal if you’re trying to avoid that. But that doesn’t sound like it will apply here, since this is your first post-college job.) You asked about talking to your boss, and you could certainly try that, but if this is how your office works — and especially if this is how your field works, which sounds like the case — I’m doubtful that much will come of that. well, these are the hours and this is the culture, and there’s some risk of looking out of touch.With the exception of the lecture when you were at a movie, this is the kind of thing that you could encounter in a lot of other jobs, even if you change fields. That said, given the movie lecture and the fact that your coworkers laughed when you asked about work-life balance, I’m betting that there are other details that add up to something closer to non-stop.If that’s the case, then yes, I would start looking around at other jobs. Do you want horny, filthy fun but at a cheap price? Calls cost 36p per min plus your network access charge.You know that you don’t want this kind of schedule, you knew that before you took this job and thought that they’d assured you that you wouldn’t have it here, and it’s making you miserable. You said you feel like you have to stick it out for a year, which I assume is because you’re trying to avoid looking like a job hopper.