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A little too non-consensual for me, tho probably not for everyone. An Extraordinary Weekend** -- When seven friends spend a weekend at a beach house, inhibitions are shed..the clothes come off and stay off..everyone starts fucking everyone. Fem Dom** -----She brings home a cum filled pussy and photos of her exploits to her husband everyday (lucky guy! First Time Bi **1/2-- He meets a hot couple on the internet that introduces him to the joys of bi-sex.(MFdom/MF, humil, wife, nc/drugs) Eager Students**1/2 -- Four teens get together for some kinky fun. Lots of group sex with a little bi towards the end. Fantasy to Reality**--They liven up their marriage by having a bi couple for dinner. --Fantasies**-- A couple goes to a new club, Fantasies, and has a wet and wild time. (MMF, intro) Fixing Pam Up** ----Pam and her husband are fixed up with two bi-guys by her girlfriend (MMMF, MM, wife, exh, intr, orgy) A Fooled Husband*** -- Husband gets recruited by his wife to join in "the Cause," an effort to promote racial harmony by relieving the sexual tensions of black men. Free Pubic Shaves **1/2 -- Their new unisex saloon has just opened, and they're anxious to show off their work. Going Outside the Lines**1/2--A slut contest and strip poker lead to new experiences for two couples.My Bad Boys** --Mark comes home to find her with another guy, then joins them. (shemalex2/M) Northshore Park Part 1 --2 --3**1/2 --she introduces him to the joys of cock-sucking while blindfolded in the park. Owned Couple--Chapter 1 and 2***1/2 --Kate and Rich become slut and slave respectively when good neighbor Pat takes complete control.It gets much kinkier and intense as the story progresses.(MMF, Mdom/MF, bdsm, humil, intro, wife). -- Chapter 6 and 7 --She entertains the whole football team with his help. Peter and Louise** -- He decides to have some fun with his employee and his innocent wife.Two husbands willing to help with the cure by cleaning up the mess (and sucking an occasional cock). (Mdom/MF, M /MF, auth, intro, interracial, humil) Jacquie-A Cuckold's Story Part I *** --Boss discovers an employee's alternate, feminine, identity and uses it to turn both he and his wife into sex toys. (MFMF, mild auth, wife) Kinky Afternoons & Cum-Filled Nights**--Swinger couples get together for lot of strap-on and anal sex. A Knight in the Royal Court** ---A knight reports to the queen, who quickly puts him to use. (M F , M F, Fdom, bd) Life of a Submissive Male Slutwhore**1/2 -- The title says it all.Gangbangs, shemales, gays, lesbians, and lots of cum eating. Making of a Slave **1/2 --She turns the tables on her husband when she gets to plan the vacation, and makes him service all their friends.

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(M /F , bi, interracial, auth) The Awakening**1/2 --She arranges for a gang-bang, and he gets a surprise. Award Dinner Orgy** -----Banquet where underclassmen service athletes and teachers. --Bacchanalia***--The whole village joins in the celebration of the deflowering of the virgin by the satyr. Basically, the priest initiates and impregnates bride and groom before each wedding. )) Being Humiliated and Loving It**1/2--So-so writing, but a lot of action in this story of a guys new wife who makes him do all sorts of things..it up the ass from shemales..get the picture.

Eve moves in and becomes the Mistress of the house. Carpark** -- While jogging in the park, he finds a young couple in the bushes. The Challenge*** -- A couple challenges each other to play increasingly kinky games until he finds himself at an "exhibition hall" with a bunch of other bound men and women, and learns to drink cum with a straw (among other things). --The Changing of the Prude***-- A hot new girlfriend teaches a guy all sorts of tricks: bondage, cum eating, strap-ons, bi group sex with old friends ...(he thought they were conservative! (MF, MMFF, bondage, intro, strap-on.) Charenton*** -- The mansions mistress has perverse tastes which her servants and guests share.

Everyones desires are fulfilled at the dinner party.

They become slaves who service the staff and guests.

She becomes dom-in-training the next day, and (part 2) helps host the grand party/orgy on saturday night, complete with games and showers.