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It also meant that I had to entertain myself and find ways to occupy myself. ” But maybe it was just that I learned how to sit still and not run around that made me appear more mature. As I grew older, I realized that one of the downsides to having no siblings was that I had all the responsibility for my parents as they grew older.

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’ ” says Mike Reading, Cloudmark’s director of technology for the Americas.

To end reply STOP.” Annoyed, I typed “STOP” and hit send. “Six months ago, when I would tell people I work for an anti-spam company and work on mobile spam, they’d all wonder, ‘What’s mobile spam?

There were ways around the charges, like sending the spam messages from the Internet rather than a mobile phone.

The spammers aren’t just sitting on a couch somewhere typing messages one by one into a handset.

Verizon, for its part, has managed to track down and sue some 20 spammers over the years.

Cloudmark, the message-security company, says domestic wireless providers may not have always made mobile spam their top priority, but they are making a genuine effort to respond now that unwanted messages are spiking stateside.

But there’s also a possibility the problem will get much worse before it gets better.

For a grim picture of the future, one has only to look to China, where unlimited text plans have been widely available much longer. wireless carriers didn’t look to China several years ago and start preparing for the deluge.