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JEAN DURAND, formerly of the Académie des sciences, on the promise of modern science to create weapons of such terrible deterrent power so as to render future wars obsolete! Durand shall explain the convergence of chemistry, ballistics, alienism and other emerging scientific fields of endeavor that will enable Mankind to usher in a new age of PEACE and MODERNITY.

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id=12419)Standardized inventory configuration for armored vehicles and added basic equipment even for MBTs Civilian and guerrilla trucks have proper selections for custom texture variants Redefined aim point of Supply Boxes Introduced weapon inertia settings for launchers Scoped out redundant Titan long / short classes from editor (due to configuration class names integrity the classes should remain)AI is more likely to target enemy transports Minor volume changes for closure and fire mode change sounds Particle effect modules localized Reduced: Armor of light bulbs on street lamps for they were very hard to destroy even with concentrated machine gun fire from close vicinity.

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Fixed: Model of Supply Crate has been recreated to prevent script issues ( id=19339)Fixed: OPFOR VR Soldier and Entity tweaked to receive the same damage as their counterparts Fixed: Unarmed player standing up from prone stance no longer players a swimming animation Fixed: Orientation of insignia (left arm), insignia / clan area made smaller to fit other BLUFOR units (like coveralls)Fixed: Possible scripting error in some instances of the player receiving damage Fixed: Self-propelled artillery is now correctly categorized as artillery instead of as tank Fixed: Possible error message when using Transport support module Fixed: Lights of HEMTT are no longer shining while off when looking from a distance Fixed: Showcase Combined Arms: Time limit is ignored once one member of the players' group boards the helicopter Fixed: Missing icons in Combo Boxes in editor Fixed: Incorrect colors of pictures in the Insert Marker display Fixed: Color of Rsc Combo Fixed: Missing rank picture in the map Fixed: Shadow for TRG-21 EGLMFixed: UI icons of P07Fixed: ARCO accuracy Fixed: TI on GMG static turret Fixed: Color of pictures in variables List Box in Colors tab Fixed: Removed excessive smoke magazines for Speedboat Fixed: Adjusted damage resistance of raised static weapons Fixed: Raised static GMG had a wrong get-out animation Fixed: Tweaked selections for the GM-6 model Fixed: Decreased too high maximum inventory capacity of several vehicles Fixed: Repaired shadow & placement of suppressor of 4-Five Fixed: Turning on the spot now has a negative impact over resting with all weapons in all stances correctly Fixed: Incorrect color of the side picture of a selected player in Role Assignment Fixed: Minor volume changes of crash sounds Fixed: Wrong structural armor of static GMGs Fixed: Rahim 7.62 - The iron sights on the barrel are too cold in thermal Fixed: Repaired fire geometry of the Ghosthawk Fixed: Default collective and auto-hover tweaks Fixed: Binoculars and range finders were not exported correctly from Arsenal (

(Control Dot)Fixed: Drag and drop sorting doesn't work correctly after opening and closing info of a few addons Fixed: Text overlaps when the overwrite dialog appears Fixed: Image directories are deleted as well now Fixed: Subscribed items filtering - items which have any of addonreqtag get into launcher Fixed: Window is too small when user has DPI over 100%Fixed: Removed padding change when mouse hover over button from default button style (was breaking custom message box)Fixed: Sorting arrow is blurred (replaced with custom path)Fixed: Removed dependency on assembly 'Microsoft. Drawing.dll'Fixed: Server password is not disabled after restoring default settings Fixed: Net Log parameter is named as Server and works as Server parameter Added: Feature "Addon Presets" ( default file-based provider)Added: Page for News, displaying development reports from Launcher is now localized into various languages Added: Automatic upgrade of application settings between versions Added: Blurred background under main area if any content is displayed there Added: Examples to parameters Added: Configuration section for launcher-specific values Added: Support for displaying hints and errors in adorned box under text box control Added: HTML to XAML converter Added: Styles Added: Minidump and Windows Error Reporting support Added: When trying to run another instance, a message box is displayed: hitting OK will bring the other (already running) instance to the front and give focus to it Added: Launcher now saves the time and date of when it was last run Added: Bounce effect to checkbox from transition fron unchecked to checked Added: Restore factory defaults button to parameters Added: Code ensuring that presets will be initialized only once Added: Parameter control with Browse button for browsing folders Added: Parameter control with Browse button for browsing files Added: Value coercion to Parameter controls Added: Browse buttons to relevant parameters Changed: Options page header visually unified with the rest of the application Changed: Icons for buttons in addon manager, Options icon Changed: Visual tweaks to controls (check box, combo box, drop down menu, text box, scrollbar, expander, progress bar)Changed: Modified label sizing of Parameters page Changed: Unified visual style of news list and addons list Changed: Moved advanced parameters to new tab Changed: Modified alignment of status text in main window.

It's displayed in the same position across different localizations.

This hotfix does not yet fully correct multiplayer issues introduced in 1.26.

It is an interim improvement, while we continue to find the source problem(s).