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There are no particular advantages to choosing a partner of a different race just to experience a new joy per se that I can think of offhand.
He had originally planned to make the donation to the church of St Mary Magdalene and St Michael which stands opposite.

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The Warpriest himself fires a Taken Captain's Darkness orb, bolts usually associated with Hobgoblins, or Golgoroth's venom orbs, depending on the order the Glyph pillars are dissolved. One advantage the dependency on Blessings of Light gives you is that the Exotic scout Touch of Malice [To M] becomes very useful, rivalling Exotic sniper Black Spindle for pure DPS.

By dipping back into the Blessings bubble, the final shot in the chamber of To M continues to damage without completely depleting the user's life force.

The fourth ride that takes you to the checkpoint platform in Normal Mode vanishes a split second after the next one appears to your immediate right.Prepare for this and the rest of the journey is exactly the same as it was before. The Basilica With the addition of several Hallowed Knights, this relay run is tougher to manage unless those with the Deathsinger's Power assist with clearing the Hive while on the activation plate.Activity in the rooms left and right remains largely unchanged from Normal Mode, save for the splash damage caused by the solitary Knight which appears each time the Deathsinger's Power is passed along.Well, the short version is that while only small details have changed, there are some strategic considerations to take into account nevertheless.Bungie recommends a Light level of 310 for the King's Fall Hard Mode, and it's certainly an essential milestone for the final Oryx encounter.It is highly likely that any Hard Mode-ready team will boast at least a couple of Touch of Malice carriers, so have them use this tactic.