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Differentiate between relative and radiometric dating of fossils

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For instance, Dawkins discusses why the axolotl never needs to grow up, how new species come about, how hard it is to classify animals, and why our fish-like ancestors moved to the land.These peculiar features are studied and analysed using a newly introduced tool or method from evolutionary biology, carefully woven into a tale to illustrate how the Darwinian theory of evolution explains all diversity in nature.Except for a few special cases, numerous extinct species and families such as the non-avian dinosaurs are excluded from the pilgrimage.

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The oldest concestor is the grand ancestor of all surviving life forms on this planet.

Even though the book is best read sequentially, every chapter can also be read independently as a self-contained tale with an emphasis on a particular aspect of modern biology.

As a whole, the book elaborates on all major topics in evolution.

The story ends with a speculation that the ABO blood group system in humans and chimps are examples of trans-specific polymorphism; a type-B human may actually be more closely related to type-B chimp than type-B human is related to type-A human, from the perspective of the genes (or alleles) responsible for the antigens.

The Gibbon's Tale further elaborates on neighbour-joining, parsimony and textual criticism techniques used to construct cladograms.