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As you might expect, Beta Lead prices on the used market have risen steadily along with its popularity.Ampeg Amplifiers @ Vintage Blue Ampaholics Collection of British Amplifiers Budget British Amplifiers Plexi Place Collection of British Amplifiers Ampeg Amplifiers Bird Amplifiers Burman Amplification Classic Amplifiers The Fender Amp Gallery Fenton-Weill Amplifiers Garnet Amplifiers Gibson Amplifier Dating The Gibson Amp Gallery The Gibson Amp Project Gibson Garage Amplifier Gallery Grampian Amplifiers Harmony Amplifiers Hi Watt Amplifiers Impact Amplifiers Kalamazoo Amplifiers Vintage Kustom Kustom Player Broadway Music's Kustom Site Lectrolab Amplifiers Magnatone Amplifiers Marshall: Mode Four Marshall Arts Mesa Boogie Mark Series Music Man Premier Amplifiers Rickenbacker Amplifiers Richard's Rivera Amplifier Page Selmer Amplifiers Sound City Amplifiers Standel Amplifiers Sunn Amplifiers The Sunn Shack Teisco Amps Trainwreck Amplifiers Traynor Amplifiers @ Velvet Black Univox Amplifiers Vox Amplifiers West Amplifiers WEM Amplfiers WEM and Watkins Amplifiers Woodson Amplifiers 18 Watts Community Center AMPAGE AMZ Guitar Effects Schematics Backstage Ampeg Schematics Buyers Guide to Purchasing Vintage Amps Dr.2) Sunn Beta Lead: The Sunn Beta Lead is a dual-channel, 100-watt, solid-state doomsday device.The polar opposite of the JC-120, the Beta Lead is prized for its bludgeoning, aggressive distorted tones.

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Over the past 30 years, however, and especially in the last decade, solid-state designs have improved immeasurably.

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