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During eruption these pipes are open to the surface, resulting in open circulation; many xenoliths of surface rock and even wood and fossils are found in volcanic pipes.
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We don't even think about our frame of mind because we are alive, positive and happy.

I've always been of the opinion that people tend to give up just before the final hurdle, but it was only recently that I began to wonder if this applied to small, daily tasks as much as it applies to big, far-reaching goals.

Therapies like Exposure & Response Prevention, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, or Dialectical Behaviour Therapy are incredibly effective if you follow through on the exercises.

Doing that is as gruelling as any weightlifting regime.

When September rolls around, some of us never shake off that 'new year' feeling.

You might have felt a twinge of nostalgia seeing kids breaking in their new uniforms and backpacks in recent weeks, and grown wistful thinking about your own back-to-school days, when you sharpened your pencils and carefully printed your name on all your new copybooks. Old habits die hard, but it is never too late to change.

It’s a role that’s been missing: people dedicated to the practice of mental health and fitness in their own lives, who can share that experience with others.

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Outwardly, you assume a cheerful tone: "Go on in - I'm sure you'll feel better soon! The term 'brain fog' was previously used to describe a set of symptoms experienced by those suffering from chronic illness or undergoing chemotherapy.

Mental Health I have grown up feeling inadequate all of my life.

I was always the child getting into trouble, not fitting in, feeling like a fraud.

The issue of doctor-patient confidentiality is perhaps at its most polarised in the context of suicide prevention.

When it was addressed recently in a session at the annual International Congress of...