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But there is also the chance that it will be another stranger, sobbing, and Jenkins will know there has been another murder.He takes a deep breath, runs a hand through his matted, salt and pepper hair, and picks up.When a call comes through, like today, the sooner he can get to the scene, the better chance there is of finding it undisturbed.A dead animal, as far as town councils are concerned, is little but city detritus.

If the worst has happened, people need to know they’ve made it through to someone serious, someone they can trust. This serial killer is murdering and mutilating domestic pets – cats mainly – and two ordinary citizens, Tony Jenkins and his partner Boudicca Rising, have vowed to track down the killer.Under the banner of this organization, they are leading the citizen-based investigation into the cat killer mystery.It was a Facebook post on the page of another local animal protection service that first alerted Jenkins and Rising to the killings back in September 2015.When Jenkins arrives at the scene, his routine is the same.This time, a man has discovered a body in his back garden – a horribly mutilated corpse of a red Burmese.SNARL also managed to get a second warning out to citizens via local newspapers.