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He was thus schooled in the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts and received training in tap, jazz, ballet, gymnastics, theater and song.
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Dating more than one guy at a time

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Men don’t like it when women date multiple men because if you are not sleeping with him, he will feel chumped because he’ll assume you are sleeping with the other guy.

But the way my attention span is set up I don't think I can commit to it for very long.He is inconsequential, but for some reason you are strangely interested. Get to know him before you give him one of your nights. He’s hot and sexy, but is incapable of any long term commitment. You will want a lot of face time with this guy, so he is your Sunday Brunch Man. Whomever you share that day with, may eventually be the one you share all the others with too. If a woman is not in a mutually committed relationship, she should be able to date as many men as she chooses. I had a roundtable discussion with a few of my friends (both men and women) about this and was quite surprised by some of the answers that I received.So why shouldn't we be afforded the same opportunity? But have you never, ever taken a guy for a ride just because you can and all along had your mind made up that he is not the one? Most of the time women do that because of their experiences.If they have been on the dating scene for a while and guys have taken them for a ride and continue to do so, eventually they will get fed up and start doing it too. They do it because they can and men always have a back strategy.I don’t want to just date one guy right now after a recent break-up.