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I enjoy challenging myself to realize a new part of me that I might not have otherwise known existed. I ended up losing a lot of the excess weight I carried around and it changed my life; so much so that I decided that I wanted to become a group exercise instructor.
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Moreover, when asked to describe the dating possibilities where they live, a plurality, 47%, said there were very few single people in their town they would be interested in dating.

Another 41% said there were lots of single people in their town that seemed interesting but 10% said they didn’t know much about the local singles scene.

African-Americans and English-speaking Hispanics are more likely than whites never to have married.Asked how many dates they had been on in the past three months, singles who said they were in the dating market reported the following: The subpopulation of dating singles in our survey sample is too small to produce highly reliable demographic breakdowns on this dating question.But in our modest sample, urban residents were more likely to be active daters than were suburbanites or rural residents.By the same token, substantially more urbanites who are looking for dates (58%) find it easy to meet people in their communities than do suburbanites and rural residents.Whatever the reasons, few of today’s seeking singles describe themselves as active on the dating scene.While the survey provides no direct evidence that the internet can take credit for the higher rates of wedlock among its users, it does show that internet date-seeking has become increasingly popular.