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The Patwar system was first introduced during the short but eventful rule of Sher Shah Suri and the system was further enhanced by Emperor Akbar.

The British colonial era made minor amendments to the system but continued the system.

Patwari reports to Tehsildar or a chief clerk of Tehsils land records.

Patwari is term used in Pakistan and India for a land record officer at sub-division or Tehsil level.Narmetta = Nermeti Narmetta is a Mandal headquarters in Warangal District in Andhra Pradesh State in India .It is believed that the God Rama (Devudu) has visited this place once and that is the reason why this village was also known as Devuni Narmetta.With recent computerization of land records, their ability to manipulate records has been limited.The Government of India has developed a software system called Patwari Information System (PATIS) which was deployed in at least two districts as of 2005 with deployment at the Tehsil level underway.One such theory states that Bukka and Hakka were commanders in the army of the King of Warangal.