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Dating and parkinsons disease

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The most important thing to remember when reflecting on how Parkinson's influences your relationships is that you have some say in the matter.While you cannot control how people react to your condition, you can speak up when people start to treat you in ways that are incompatible with your dignity or independence.Over time, as your Parkinson's disease progresses, your contribution to the relationship will change or may even diminish, but that is entirely understandable.Even relationships among healthy people undergo dramatic changes over the course of the years.Those close to you must further decide how involved they can be in your care when you need help.

Of course, those who love and those who have invested in you may react initially with grief, anger and disappointment.

Nevertheless, navigate these relationships you must — and you will, one way or another.

You can choose to be proactive and positive in your approach to others.

Start by deciding how you want your relationships to grow over the course of your disorder. It happened, and now all of those around you need to come to terms with it. You will need to find a way to help children come to terms with your illness.

You probably want to be able to receive love and support, as well as give love and support to those around you. If you find that certain people cannot accept it, remind yourself that this is their issue to contend with. But adults should have the grace not to burden you with unnecessary outbursts of anger or denial.