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Most people whom I talked with about my trip offered me strong words of caution, with some even trying to convince me not to go, especially alone (and especially as a solo female traveler, ugh).

Dating a recovering alcoholic advice

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Kate: I think when we started dating, there was a lot of grace on both sides. I think a lot people assume that you go to rehab and then you're fixed, but alcoholism really is like an allergy.Jeremy didn't have to explain his sobriety to me because I understood it because of my mother. I know what it takes to work a program in recovery, which I would credit to being some of our initial success and ongoing, I suppose. It's a lifelong addiction and for people to work a program and be healthy and avoid whatever their drug of choice or alcohol was, it takes going to meetings, having a sponsor, having services positions, working the steps.

" And he jumped on the chance to say it was a Freudian slip so I was like, "OK." Then I got out of the car and I said, "I Freudian slip you too." After that, we got really serious really fast.] I don't want to tell this story. " and I go, "Celebrate this," and so I never actually asked Kate to marry me.

Seven years later, Kate and Jeremy are happily married.

They spoke with about how they deal with alcoholism and addiction in their marriage.

But I think all relationships, just like life, have ups and downs.

So it really just being patient with it and knowing that those good times are around the corner.