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For example, the Times Literary Supplement refers to "the rise and fall of evangelical fervor within the Socialist movement".

Bebbington notes four distinctive aspects of Evangelical faith: conversionism, biblicism, crucicentrism, and activism, noting, "Together they form a quadrilateral of priorities that is the basis of Evangelicalism." Conversionism, or belief in the necessity of being "born again", has been a constant theme of Evangelicalism since its beginnings.

For Kemp nothing justifies it: "Virginity is precious. Today there is more freedom and honesty to openly discuss sex with young people."Kemp has written a book about 20 consequences of premarital sex, which attempts to open the eyes of youth to the issues of sex, and to realize that there are serious consequences to their actions when it comes to sex.

For the Australian Family Association SA, the idea of the Virgins Wanted movie is "pretty sleazy.""It is a sad indictment on society that sex is becoming so commercialized," said its spokesman Jerome Appleby.

The Americas, Africa, and Asia are home to the majority of Evangelicals.

The United States has the largest concentration of Evangelicals in the world; its community forms a quarter of the population, is politically important, and is based mostly in the Bible Belt.

Among leaders and major figures of the Evangelical Protestant movement were John Wesley, George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards, Billy Graham, Harold John Ockenga, John Stott and Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

The young woman, Catarina, stopped her Physical Education studies to participate in a documentary project called "Virgins Wanted" by an Australian director, Justin Sisely, who has also selected a male participant called Alex, who is 21-years-old."I saw this as a business.A conversion experience can be emotional, including grief and sorrow for sin followed by great relief at receiving forgiveness.The stress on conversion differentiates Evangelicalism from other forms of Protestantism by the associated belief that an assurance of salvation will accompany conversion.I have the opportunity to travel, to be part of a movie and get a bonus with it," said Catarina, who will receive $ 20,000, along with 90 percent of the final auction sale price.Director Sisely first revealed plans for the controversial documentary in 2009, however, he later planned to take the auction overseas to avoid potential prostitution charges in Australia. "In the film, I'm trying to show a different side of what normally constitutes prostitution; (these people) are not constantly making money from selling their body."Pastor Jaime Kemp, who has a Doctorate in Family Ministry has told The Christian Post that when he heard about the news it greatly saddened him, and he described it as "abuse.""It is the use and abuse of the girl," he said to CP.Currently, he is not only facing legal problems related to prostitution laws, but also being widely condemned and has received death threats in Australia."There's been a lot of negativity, a lot of different sorts of opinions - Is this prostitution? "We are using and abusing a person or a group of people. "According to Kemp, the project is about money, which has been placed above morality in this case, but he says it will succeed simply because people are curious about the extraordinary event. Nothing justifies it, it is against the Word of God."Pastor Kemp, originally from California, conducts an outreach to young adults across Brazil, holding lectures offering advice on sexual issues based on Biblical principles.