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It's not uncommon to hear that they feel like they have known me all their lives!

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I am the Maid of Honor in a wedding next year that involves two good friends (black and white).I'm just wondering..there bible verses that say that interracial dating is wrong? I have never been in an environment (like home or church) where interracial dating is not frowned upon.My husband and I were married six months ago, and he has still not told his parents.

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In the full sample of the March 21-April 8 poll of 4,006 adult in the U.

The only group that did not display this pattern was Hispanic Catholics, whose views about the morality of abortion did not change much depending on how often they attend Mass.

Among other demographics, those who were least likely to say abortion is morally wrong included liberals (31 percent), Democrats (38 percent) and college graduates (39 percent).

He is terrified of how they will react once he tells them that he married me (especially without their knowledge).

It would have been his parents' wish to arrange a marriage for him.