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Your hosts are a British/Canadian couple who have been living the swinging lifestyle for over 45 years between them.

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The brands currently advertising on Tumblr may want to reach a similar, young demographic – those aged 13 through 18 – through the Cabana app.

(Over half of Tumblr today is teens and millennials, ages 13-34).

Back in 2012, it launched Photoset, a separate app for posting photos to the social web, including Tumblr.

(This app was later shut down.) But though it’s a separate product, it’s not a pivot for Tumblr itself.

You can also exit the room to browse your phone while the conversation continues, which puts you on “Pause.” The app was built in just two months’ time, says Lee, and was designed to offer a spontaneous feeling and experience.

“In Cabana, we try to blend the experience of hanging out and watching,” says Lee.

So the question is not really whether co-watching is going to be a thing – In Cabana, up to six friends can hang out in a “room” in the app, where they share videos from You Tube that they watch together, in real-time and in sync.

You can participate in only one room at a time, but you can leave and rejoin rooms freely.

(Yahoo is also in the process of being acquired by Verizon, which owns Tech Crunch’s parent company, AOL.) The Labs group includes engineers, designers and product managers from the Polyvore team.Instead, Cabana came about more through happenstance than strategic direction.Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp ran into Jason Lee, Director of Product Management at Polyvore Labs, at a Yahoo leadership offsite earlier this year, where Lee was demonstrating the product.Tumblr today is launching a new app, called Cabana, which allows a group of friends to video chat and watch videos together, in real time.The app is being introduced under the Tumblr brand, and will cater to the type of users who frequent Tumblr’s blogging service – teens and young adults – but it’s not currently designed to interoperate with Tumblr’s product or take advantage of the existing relationships between fellow Tumblr users.But there is not advertising in Cabana at launch, nor a definitive plan as to how it would be integrated in the future.