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That “” would obviously be the Lord God, Who has held together many marriages through biblical counselors and abiding in the Word of God together, as a couple.

The Book of Ecclesiastes would make a great Bible study for couples but for married couples, the Song of Solomon might even be better. Women would tell you that it’s to be loved and not just told they’re loved but shown that they are.

Those issues might be childrearing preferences, lifestyle, priorities, and putting God first or not (Matt ).

That’s the teaching of Scripture too where Amos the Prophet writes “” (Gen ) meaning that Enoch was in such complete agreement with God that God saw that he was ready to be with the Lord and then, “he was not” on the earth anymore.

"Today, our children are grown, and we have four beautiful grandchildren.

We own a home in the Piedmont area of North Carolina, and I'm now serving wonderful people as their pastor. To you, the reader, it might seem meaningless, but to my wife and me that's the brief outline of 35 years of a happy marriage.

I hope these give you at least some ideas about what to study as a couple.

The fact is if you have two cords, you can easily separate the two, but if there’s a third cord added to them, it makes it a threefold cord and it’s a lot stronger and that makes it a lot more difficult to break (Eccl ).

I would say that these verses point out that it’s not a cord another until a third cord is added; otherwise it’s simply two cords. One is a strand, two is a cord, and a third makes it a threefold cord.

There are advantages to being in a relationship or there being two, rather than one.

For one thing “,” something that Jesus referred to regarding marriage on more than one occasion (Mark 10:8).