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Archeomagnetic and paleomagnetic dating

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The retrieved directions come from well-dated archaeological structures and about 40 per cent of the dating relay on natural science methods such as radiocarbon, thermoluminescence, dendrochronology dating or historical documents.From this data set a secular variation (SV) reference curve has been calculated using a bivariate algorithm, which fits a natural cubic spline based on roughness penalty to declination, inclination and time, simultaneously.Earth-Prints is an open archive created and maintained by Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia.This digital collection allows users to browse, search and access manuscripts, journal articles, theses, conference materials, books, book-chapters, web products. Please notice that some documents are protected by institutional policy.

During the last five years novel techniques, such as Bayesian statistics, bootstrap algorithms, or the Markov chain Monte Carlo method, have been applied to extract the most useful information from archeomagnetic data to build accurate and reliable curves.

Comparison of the curves does not show a simple westward drift of the SV pattern.

The German reference curve allows archaeomagnetic dating in the reference area and extends this dating technique to sites situated in middle Europe. They provide knowledge on the geomagnetic SV on regional as well as global scale for time intervals in the order of several 1000 yr.

Therefore, during preparation of specimens it was very difficult to obtain cubes with an ideal shape, which may spoil the viscosity experiments.

Furthermore, the structures were not heated to high temperatures, because the Koenigsberger ratios were relatively low (around 3).