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I used it to track motion in a specific part of my workplace: CNET colleague Rafe Needleman's office door.

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eventually smoothing out to a straight line (steady state mofuggaaaa).

If half-life worked the way you were calculating it, and we looked at a drug like methadone which has no ceiling & a comparible half life to Zyprexa. According to your calculations if one was taking 10mg daily on day 300 we should now have 1,505mg of methadone accumulated in your body.

meaning if you have x amount of zyprexa in your blood at 2pm today, you will have that same amount tomorrow at 2pm, and so on, assuming there is no interruption in your dosing schedule.

For example let's look at day #4 and see how he arrived there.

Meaning if you take an extra 16mg on top of the 32mg it will not make any difference what so ever.

If you lower your dose, you are going to lower the overall levels of zyprexa in your body. The long halflife means that it will take about 3 days to reach equilibrium as naon put it, or a steady state of zyprexa in your body at all times assuming you dose on schedule every day.

Zyprexa does not have a ceiling does like buprenorphine does for instance.

With bupe, once you hit 32mg there is no additional effects if you take more bupe.