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in the Chihuahuan desert have a fixed dimorphic system of nectar production in which half the individuals produce nectar (are nectarful) and the other half are nectarless.

We analyzed the impact of nectar production on different estimates of fitness, comparing nectarful against nectarless individuals in size, mating system, seed traits, and fruit set in a 1-ha scrubland.

Of the reproductive individuals (358), 46% were nectarful and 54% were nectarless.

Neither tree size nor flowering phenology differed between nectar morphs. Controlled pollinations showed differences between selfing and control treatments with no differences between nectar morphs.

Spatial distribution was analyzed with contingency tables (100 squares, each 10 × 10 m).

Within the study site, the density of individuals was 0.13 ind./m = 358).

(2) What is the relative importance of floral traits and pollinator visitation on the reproductive success of each nectar morph?

Tree dimensions were taken as two canopy widths and height.As the number of inflorescences varied between samples, each bagged branch assigned to a pollination treatment was considered the subplot experimental unit.Bags were sprayed with insecticide every 2nd d to avoid flower loss from various larvae that consume flower parts.Nectarful flowers are visited between 2 and 4 times more often by a larger diversity of pollinators (29 vs.5, respectively) compared to nectarless individuals. Both nectar morphs have been shown to be self-compatible, but both display a high degree of inbreeding depression (López-Portillo, Eguiarte, and Montaña, 1993).The study was made in the Mapimi Biosphere Reserve (MBR), southern Chihuahuan Desert (26°N104° W, 1100 m altitude, 264 mm yearly average rainfall mainly in summer, 21°C mean annual temperature, Mexico).