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Cyberbullying through anons and trolling (trolling is when someone purposefully write upsetting comments/messages on blog posts, articles, chatroom forums, etc.) is the darker side of social media that does not get as much attention as it should, especially since we spend more time on our computers, tablets, and smartphones than we do interacting with people.If we want to make social media a more open and safe space for everyone, we have to discuss what is really going on, and how it impacts our online experiences. Bullying in the Chatroom – An Experience I Will Never Forget: In summer 2009, I had joined a chatroom that a then nationally syndicated radio show host had created on their website.(Being that I have gotten to know this person, I am not shocked that he would come to the aid of a friend in need – that is just the kind of person he is.) The person being bullied is someone who has a disability, and has endured severe health complications that affects their entire body functioning.The comments the anonymous messengers (called “anons”) submitted were about the blogger’s facial and body appearance, derogatory slurs such as “freak,” and hints that they should not be around anymore.There were a few Millennials present, but most were mid 30s and up; being that I have always been around older adults, the age difference did not bother me.One thing that I noticed after the chatroom “newness” had worn off was the harassing comments, name-calling, and downright disrespect that permeated the whole chatroom regularly.

I purposefully avoided going into the chatroom when I saw the bullies in there, and I knew that they still talked about me from the snide comments they would post.I was a huge fan of their awesome mix of talk and music playing program (mostly R&B, with a bit of positive hip-hop), and I thought that participating in their chatroom would be a great way to cure my boredom from being at home post-undergrad.For the first two months, it was nice meeting different people from across the country; the majority were older than I was (I was 23, going on 24 at the time).Leave a Comment October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and I wanted to share my personal testimony regarding bullying for this observance, and to let others who have endured this that they are not alone.National Bullying Prevention Month was established in 2006 by the PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center.My friend decided to take action by writing a message to his follower, asking the anonymous bullies to come at him, instead of the targeted individual.