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Falmouth is home to many theatre groups, including Falmouth Theatre Company, Falmouth Young Generation and Amity Theatre.
Other relationships were between two professional dancers.

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Not really they cater to teen they have young entertainment team to keep the very young and teens with the explorer club . Most of the restaurants are air conditioned- you have the option to sit outside at some of them if you wish. Seaweed does get washed up on the beach but there is a guy with a tractor and a giant rake-looking thing picking it up all day so it never gets in the way. There are also scheduled actvities throughout the day. Don't be fooled by the seaweed though because the water is AMAZING and I'm not even a beach lover.

I see them on the pool and beach for the volleyball games. The beach is not as crowded as the pool which is a good thing when trying to relax. Maybe during prime time season it picks up alittle. They do have a kid section and activities throughout the day.

W..." Pros: Great service, lots of hard working people willing to serve, Clean beach; there was always someone cleaning the seaweed all day long, Great food; fresh and tasty, Mexican was my favorite, But there is always one restaurant closed and no reservations, you have to wait for your table, when it's slow ( weekdays) it's. This is, of course, subject to change, based on availability.Just make sure to take wear your bathing suit there to enjoy them. If you are willing to walk down the beach towards Puerto Morales (30-40 minutes depending on how fast you walk) there are "Azul Massage" tents set-up and they give you a heavenly massage for a great price.There are beach towels provided by the resort and there was no limit as to how many you could take. I like to have 2 towels, 1 to lay on the lounge and one to dry with. They open at am and you can use them to save your spot by the pool.The one thing I didn't like was they also sell cigars in this area and there were a few that bought and smoked these - much stronger odor that lingered longer. I did not see very many jellyfish in the ocean because you cannot get in the ocean for the sea weed. Room service has many options but the food is not good. I don't know if the hotel caters to teens or not, did not travel with children. When I went to Puerto Vallarta a few years ago, the food was gross. Wasn't awesome but was not bad.there were not a lot of kids when we were there in mid October. They have a room with a WII and Playstation and lots of outdoor activities for them throughout the day. They have pool tables and ping pong tables outside too.The Valentine was highly remember by some people that stay there, who was riding on the bus back to the airport. They have an activity program daily for adults and teens. We did not see any jellyfish and we spent time in the ocean. I have been to Mexican resorts numerous times and the Now Sapphire has some of the best food available. Don't worry cause you will eat so much throughout the day that you would not even need room service. I'm not a beach lover and even I found it hard to leave the beach. The food was delicious and the service exceptional. Now Sapphire served me the best steak I have ever had- and I live in Nebraska; we are known for our good beef! This resort was extraordinary- I have zero complaints!!! Did not see any jelly fish but someone we know got stung by one according to the medics on site. They also have a trampoline there and you are secured in a strapped outfit and you can jump and do flips in the air! The beach is beautiful, the sand is clean and extremely soft.If you want to socialize the regular pool is where everyone hangs out. We were close enough to the pools, beach and main building that having the sun and surf on our balcony was not a priority. You can upgrape to preferred when booking the reservation or once you get to the resort.