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5 stages of a dating relationship

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In some cases, it’s a great relief that things are drawing to a close, particularly if one partner has suffered some type of abuse or domestic violence.

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We feel relaxed enough to let down our guard and share ourselves more deeply than before.

Given that this was a college sample (with an average age of 20 years old), the average length of relationship was about one year and a large percentage (45 percent) were briefer.

Based on self-report of violence in the relationship, 79 percent reported that they perpetrated some form of violence—psychological, physical, or sexual coercion, with 9 percent injuring their partner—and 77 percent reported being victims (with 11 percent being injured by their partner).

You must be careful not to take the situation for granted.

Continuing to do the little things that you did for your partner during the early stages of courtship are essential, not only now but for the lifetime of the relationship.